Warren Adams – My Journey part1

Hi, my name is Warren Adams I’m 34 years old, father of 2 and Underground performance athlete.  My main discipline at present is CrossFit and after a rocky initial venture into the sport I nearly didn’t end up where I am today.

Warren Adams

How to increase pull ups?

This was the YouTube search that I was scanning whilst bored at work one day.  It was 2008 and I was doing the traditional 3 day split in the gym and frustrated that I couldn’t do more pull ups.  After going through the standard run of the mill videos I came across some videos from an early CrossFit games athlete (Omar Torres) and was immediately engrossed.  What had me hooked was not the strange way he was doing pull ups but the sheer volume of work that was on display.  I continued watching more and more videos, after about an hour or so I was completely in awe and of the mind-set “I’ve got to try this!!”

What was your first workout?

I can’t remember how the connection was made but I ended up on the CrossFit main site in the exercises and demos section; which looks nothing like how it used to.  While looking around I went through some of the exercise demos and workouts.  I decided to go with what I knew I could do at my gym at the time 21-15-9 100k deadlift, dip and box jump.

After watching Greg Amundson tear through the workout I thought this was doable.

How was that?

At that point I had no concept of the scoring mechanics of workouts I just had a goal to get the job done.  I remember after completing the 21 deadlifts I noticed I was getting some attention in the gym.  Most of who probably thought I was off my head.  I distinctly remember the round of 15 feeling like things were never going to end and complete relief when I started the round of 9.  Once I had finally finished I made sure I cooled off and called it a day!

Not a good mix!

The next day I had basketball training and I was in a bad way!  I could barely run or jump and as a result my shooting, passing and most attempts at a layup were pitiful.  I tried not to let this deter me and decided to persist a little while longer.  At the time I was in the gym 3 days a week and playing basketball 3 days a week also.

During this time my diet wasn’t particularly on point and I just wasn’t recovering enough for basketball.  With no proper facilities to fully go at CrossFit after a couple of months of near killing myself I decided to knock it on the head and revert to some easier gym sessions.

Congratulations, you’re a daddy!

Fast forward to 2011 my training was pretty much as it was many years prior with little to no progress.

At this time my son was born which was incredible however training would take a hit.  Training 3 days a week was no longer an option so I took what I thought was the only sensible option to train the entire body every time I hit the gym.  I also bought a kettlebell and a dumbbell set so that I had the option to train at home if time was short.

A chance meeting

It was 2013when I had a chance meeting that would change everything.  At this point my son was 2 and my second child was well on the way, I had also been in the current job for 4 years.

I was helping a new starter at work who noticed we shared a passion for keeping fit and suggested I look at a gym literally round the corner from work.  I asked what do they do there and she said CrossFit! BOOM! That lunchtime I was off to see things for myself.

Finally a CrossFit gym in Peterborough!


The second part will be available soon…

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