Another new addition to the ambassador programme is GB combined events international Anthony Hogg
Below he answers our quick fire questions….


What’s your name? Do you have a nickname? – My name is Anthony but people usually call me Anth.

Describe yourself in 3 words? – Competitive, driven and positive.

Best characteristic? – I’m constantly working to improve myself in every way and I don’t believe in limitations.

Worst characteristic? – I hate losing in anything.

Sporting idol? – Cedric Dubler

Favourite quote? – “Being realistic is the most commonly travelled route to mediocrity” – Will Smith

What is your guilty pleasure? – PC Gaming

Pizza or Pasta? – PIZZA, obviously.

Do you have any rituals? – I touch wood whenever I say something bad will happen.

Favourite sport? (cant pick your own) – Crossfit

Ultimate sporting goal? – To break the Decathlon world record.

Pick 5 dinner party guests? – Cedric Dubler, Rich Froning, Will Smith, Scarlett Johansson and Ariana Grande

Kanye or Kim? – Kanye.

Where will you be in ten years? – In the top 10 in the world for Decathlon, hopefully with a record somewhere along the way.