Emily Borthwick – Flying High in 2015

My name’s Emily, I’m 18 years old, and I’ve been doing Athletics properly since I was 9.
Having started as an 800m runner who dabbled in Multi-events, I had a go at 300s/400s and now i’m becoming a High Jumper. Athletics has always been a huge part of my life and at times it does feel like it’s the only thing I’m doing!


When I was 7, we were driving past the track and I saw loads of kids running round and I said ‘Mum can I have a go?’. As she used to do athletics and has competed in the English Schools, there was no chance she would say No. From that I’ve loved it ever since and definitely want to have a long successful career.
My love for the sport is what motivates me, and the thought of being successful and winning championships is another thing that I use as motivation, especially through winter training. My grandad was a huge fan of athletics who loved coming to watch me compete. Making him and the rest of my family proud is also another reason as to why I’m motivated to get up and train hard.

My training partner and now friend, Jenny Meadows, is my sporting role model. She has always been my idol and the way she conducts herself on and off the track is what you’d except from all international athletes. She uses her setbacks, e.g. Injury, as motivation to come back stronger and faster, which I find really inspiring. She has a lot of experience, and passes that on to young aspiring athletes like myself.

I don’t have a best session but when we were out in South Africa for warm weather training every session felt better and better. The altitude helps improve fitness quickly and you get to experience what the life of a full-time athlete is like and the atmosphere makes you work harder and that’s when the best results are produced. Any session that takes place at a reservoir called Worthy Lakes is what I dread the most. It takes a lot of mental strength to complete and for me in particular I find it the hardest session we do over winter.

2015 has been an interesting season, which has included a lot of ups and downs. My highlight of 2015 would have to be jumping a PB of 1.80m after coming back from an ankle injury and just starting proper High Jump training. This lead to me being selected to represent Great Britain & NI Juniors which was an amazing opportunity.

My aim for 2016 is to develop further as an athlete and improve in my chosen events. I have my eyes set on the World Junior Championships in Russia, but for now I will be focusing on working hard in training and taking each competition as it comes.

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