Emily Borthwick answers our quick fire questions

emily borthwick ESAA CTG blue

What’s your name? Emily

Do you have a nickname? E Borth

Describe yourself in 3 words? Dedicated, hardworking, passionate

Best characteristic? Having time for people

Worst characteristic? Self-doubt

Sporting idol? Jenny Meadows

Favourite quote? In order to achieve, we must first believe we can

What is your guilty pleasure? Strawberries and nutella on pancakes

Pizza or Pasta? Pizza

Do you have any rituals? No but I’m always making lists

Favourite sport? (cant pick your own) Football

Ultimate sporting goal? Become a World and Olympic champion

Pick 5 dinner party guests? David Bowie, Jenson Button, Alyson Felix, James Franco, Jennifer Aniston

Kanye or Kim? Neither

Where will you be in ten years? At the top of my game, achieving my ultimate sporting goal.