Beth Taylor – My indoor season 2016

My 2016 indoor season

Hi guys, so the year 2016 meant that because of my birthday I now move up to the u23/senior age group. Not going to lie I was a little bit gutted that I didn’t get another year as a junior, saying that I am more than excited to now compete with some of the best girls in Britain! 2015 was quite a stressful year and because of this I went on holiday over Christmas time. It was great to get away and have some time away from the track as it was just what I needed! I got back a few days before my 19th birthday (Christmas day) and I was ready to get back into training to prepare for my indoor season which kicked off in 2016.

My first competition was the finish line open meeting on the 2nd of January 2016 at the EIS in Sheffield, which happens to be where I train. I had entered the hurdles, long jump and shot put as these are my weaker events in the heptathlon/pentathlon and I wanted to test how these were going as I had the England Indoor Combined Event Championships a week later. In the 60m hurdles I have been trying so hard to improve this event as this is the event that I loose most points on. I really wanted less than 10 seconds. However with a poor race I ended up with a time of 10.07s which was a PB but it was not what I wanted. From this event I had to run over to the shot put as the competition had already started. I got into the circle for my first throw, still panting from my race and threw the shot 9.88m which was a huge personal best! I was delighted as I was edging closer to my goal of throwing 10m. A few hours later came the long jump where I struggled with getting my run up right, as I ended up with 3 no jumps. I was very disappointed as this is not what I wanted a week before a major championships!

The following weekend was the weekend of the England Indoor Combined Event Championships on Sunday the 10th of January 2016 where I competed in the pentathlon. On the morning of the competition I arrived to see girls which I have never competed against before, which made my nerves rise even more. For this competition I was the youngest athlete in my age group due to me only just moving up. The first event was the hurdles. Warming up for this event I felt very fast in between the hurdles. I was so excited to get out onto the track as I was so determined to run less than 10 seconds. When the gun went I sprinted out of the blocks and as soon as I took the first hurdle I knew it was going well. There were three of us fighting to get the line first and it was so close. When I looked up to the clock to see the winning time I knew I had run a quick time I just wasn’t sure how quick. When the official time came up it showed I had ran a huge personal best time of 9.67s knocking nearly half a second off my previous best! I was so happy and relieved as I knew I could do it! The next event was the high jump where I managed to clear a height of 1.57m I was a little disappointed as I would have like to clear 1.60 but 1.57 was good enough. The next event was shot put and this was just a disaster as I only managed a putt of 9.08m, I was pretty upset with this throw, however I just forgot about it and moved onto my next event which was the long jump. I was very nervous for this event as the previous week I got 3 no jumps. When I was doing my practice jumps I was behind the board on every single one and I felt great running up to it, which helped to relax me. On my first round jump I was behind the board and managed to jump a new personal best of 5.06m! The relief! On my second round jump I didn’t even manage to hit the board I was so far behind but I took off anyway. Me and my coach didn’t think it was a very good jump, however it came back to show I had improved my personal best even further to a jump of 5.16m! Going into the final event of the day the 800m I was pretty relaxed and I knew what time I wanted to run. When the gun went I led from the start and managed to run an even paced race to come home in a time of 2.24.52 which was an indoor personal best and it was actually slightly quicker that what I had managed to run in the outdoor season last year! In the competition I managed a score of 3310 which was a 398 point improvement from the previous year and ranked me in 12th place. I couldn’t have been happier to finish in 12th at my first senior combined events!

The following weekend was the 16th and 17th of January 2016 which was the weekend of the Northern Athletics Championships. I was competing on both days. The hurdles and shot putt on the Saturday and the 200m and high jump on the Sunday. On the Saturday my legs were still quite tired from competing the previous weekend, however I was just doing this weekend as a bit of fun to see if I could pick up any medals along the way. The hurdles were the first event on the Saturday where I ran a time of 9.77s which was only a tenth of my PB and another run under 10 seconds! Shot put came next and I managed a throw of 9.70m which I was delighted with! On Sunday I was doing the 200m as I had been running well in training and just wanting to see what kind of time I could run for this time of year. I ran a time of 26.68s which again was only a tenth off my outdoor personal best and I made it through to the semi-final! After the 200m I had to run back round to get my spikes for the high jump as it was just about to start, however as I was crossing the warm up track a sprinter, that I didn’t see and that clearly didn’t see me, ran straight into to me at full speed and hit the side of my head, including my ear and temple, this caused me to fall on the floor gashing my knees and elbow. As I got up my head was spinning and I felt very ill. After a few minutes sat down with my coach and some friends I got up and went over to the high jump as I wanted to carry on. Everyone was calling me crazy and suggested that I should stop as I could have concussion but I didn’t want to let that stop me. I didn’t feel my best in the high jump, but I managed to clear a height of 1.55m which was enough to secure me the bronze medal. I was so happy to have a medal in one of my favourite events! However due to my state after the event and with medical advice I had to pull out of the semi-final of the 200m which I was a bit gutted about.
beth podium
So that is a summary of a busy past couple of weekends and my 2016 indoor season! I am so delighted with how things have gone. However it is now time to get back into winter training to get ready for my 2016 outdoor season which I am so excited for! Thank you for reading!

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